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Nafi and Audi: a perfect match

In 2016, Audi’s engaged in a partnership with Nafi and with the Olympics of 2020 in Tokio in mind, Audi and Nafi decided to prolong their collaboration for another three years. The Audi A1 was the very first car Nafi drove, at the time she was still living in the heart of Liège and the A1 turned out to be an excellent choice to cover the short ride between home and the track. In 2017, Nafi was offered to drive the Q2 and featured in the #untaggable campaign. After winning another gold at the IAAF World championships in London, Nafi was upgraded once again to driving the new Q5.

“Even before Audi proposed to drive the Q2, I had already looked up the model and its specifications. I like the shape of the car, the urban look and rough edges. It’s big enough to hold my javelins but is still agile. Just like me, the Q2 is #untaggable”.

Nafi’s dream car is the Audi R8 and thus she took on a bet just before the Rio Olympics. If she would manage to bring home a medal, the R8 would be hers for 1 week. Proudly bringing home a gold medal, Nafi happily held Audi to its made promise and picked up the R8 to be hers for the week.

I like the thrill and buzz of travelling fast – I recently was in an Audi R8 and it was cool to travel at speed. I really like to go fast.

Audi takes pride in their partnership with Nafi. Stefan Kerckhoven, Audi Brand director: “Audi has always been involved in sports: football, hockey, golf, auto racing, … We took it to the highest level since the start of the collaboration with Nafi Thiam. Athletics and a young athlete with that much determination and drive as Nafi fully correspond with our values. We also strive towards exuberance and strength.
Our collaboration has been very succesful the past year, so we decided to prolong our partnership with three years. We already look forward to follow her upcoming achievements closely!”


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