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For any matters concerning Nafi, please contact her agency by filling out this form.

Autograph cards

Collect a unique set of Nafi’s cards

Based on the colours of the Olympic rings, Nafi has a set of collectable cards that she will happily autograph for you. Follow Nafi’s social media accounts to find out when and where you can collect the next colour. For now, you can request the yellow card by filling out the form on the left.

Work with Nafi

We arrange sponsorship packages on all levels

Nafi has been lucky enough to team up with organizations such as Nike, Audi, UNICEF, Red Bull, Alpro, AXA, …

for any information you can fill out the form on the left or contact Wafel Sports Management directly:

Kim Vanderlinden:
+32 485 38 66 45

Helena Van der Plaetsen:
+32 494 88 16 88​

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